Moses Slovatizki

Moses Slovatizki has been exploring the boundaries of photography as an artform for over 30 years. An expert in the realm of high impact action photography and portrait photography, he’s made a name for himself with evocative portraits and majestic wildlife compositions.


Moses began using photography as an expressive medium since he was a child. Born in San Diego, California to Jewish parents whose families immigrated from Eastern Europe to Mexico before WWII, he grew up in the culturally rich border towns of Southern California bouncing between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

Moses’ journey behind the lens can be traced back to his childhood when at 8 years old he received his first camera. Even though the film was about as big as his pinky nail, it opened up a boundless universe of expressive possibilities for him to capture some of life’s most precious moments.


It was after a trip to Hawaii when he was 18 years old that he discovered the famed North Shore of O`ahu, a place where he could focus on capturing images of the world’s greatest surfers, that he decided to solidify his union with photography. For the next two decades, Moses would travel the world, shooting the best of the best, honing his craft and making a name for himself in the world of surf photography.

Capturing Essence

Evoking EmotionFor Over 30 Years


In a last minute trip from San Diego to Tahiti, Moses joined top surfing professionals to chase the swell of a lifetime. After a frantic series of packing, shopping trips, flights, and bus rides, he made it to the destination just in time to realize he forgot to book a boat ride out to the surf break to get the shots.

25 minutes and a few dollars later, Moses made it out to the break in a dingy to capture a series of shots that would go on to be called one of the most iconic images in surfing for the past 10 years. The series was later published in two of surfing’s most popular magazines, “Surfing” and “Transworld Surf”.


In 2012, Moses captured the image that garnered him his first merit from the Professional Photographers of America. This trip to Antelope Canyon in Arizona also happened to be his first solo trip dedicated to photography and earned him recognition of excellence from a pool of thousands of submissions.


In 2020, Moses captured another award winning image, which he named “Frozen Glass”. This image was not only awarded a merit from the Professional Photographers of America, but also included in their Loan Collection which is a collection of the very best of an international competition of photographs.

Among the many accolades garnered over the years, Moses’ work has been published in Time Magazine, National Geographic’s Adventure, Transworld Surf, Surfing, Surfer, Longboard, Shape, Surfshot, Mundo Rad, Zig Zag and many more.

Moses continues to focus on his photography from his home in Maui. His images can be found in spaces around the world from the west coast of California, Europe and Africa, to the sun kissed shores of Hawai`i.